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Brindley Engineering


Brindley Engineering (BE) analyzes, designs, and advises on the challenges of aging, mission-critical infrastructure for capital and maintenance projects, reliability initiatives, and construction solutions.


Engineering: Capital & Maintenance, Reliability, Construction

Editorial, Creative Direction + Design

Jodi Navta and Luke Previs

  • Agency of Record
  • Research + Insights
  • Comparator Audit
  • Brand Planning
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Narrative + Voice
  • Color Palette
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website + Social Templates
  • Social Media Foundation
  • Print Brochure Design

BE is a growing independent structural, reliability, and construction (SRC) engineering firm. They were ready to embrace aggressive growth goals. They found that they were often passed up on RFPs for a certain service or capability due to the prospect’s lack of awareness about the offering. ‘Brands’ in the SRC engineering landscape tend to be undifferentiated and muted, resulting in a lack of true differentiation. Their messaging typically focuses on features — not benefits — and they almost always completely ignore the feeling that customers get when they experience those benefits.

Leadership was seeking a way to differentiate the BE brand, tell an authentic story, and bring a new service capability to market. We started by delivering organizational clarity, aligning leadership, and helping to define priorities. We did this through a series of stakeholder interviews, competitive research, and employee interviews.

Visual Identity, Brand Narrative + Voice Guide

We established the foundation of BE’s digital presence — a dynamic messaging system, brand guidelines, social foundation, sales collateral, thought leadership, and content marketing program — and we amplified the messaging around the service offering that was being overlooked by potential clients.

Brand guidelines for Brindley Engineering
Brindley Engineering logo colorways
Brindley- all print service one pagers

Photography Art Direction + Guidelines

We came up with three pillars of style to represent BE’s brand essence in all photo and video media applications.

Confidence: Our people are confident in what they do. We were founded with a vision to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Our imagery should present this confidence we have in ourselves, and in-turn give our clients confidence in our team

Engineering: Engineering based imagery is a reminder that BE knows the science and expertise that goes into every job we do.

Environment: This imagery style introduces the world we work in. We move big things and effect the big picture. Our media should reflect that. Aerial views and wide angles give a sense of scale to our brand, while artistic framing and white space offers the viewer surprise and delight in our materials

Playing from the bright palette, we also created a custom photography style using gradient maps. These gradient maps use the three primary palette colors, along with a grey and black, to create a unique look that BE could own in all materials.

Brindley photography guidelines
Brindley Photo style using gradient maps in the brand palette
Three engineers walking towards camera in helmets and gear
Brindley engineering photo art direction example
Brindley Engineers laughing
Brindley engineering photo art direction example
Brindley engineering photo art direction example-Brindley Engineers talking
Brindley Engineering-We Have Your Back.

Website Design

We worked with BE’s development team of choice and designed a high-performing website. After the initial launch, BE saw a dramatic shift in their digital presence. There are three results that stand out. First, there was a 128% increase in traffic to the website, which was our primary goal. Second, BE experienced a 96% jump in contact form submissions, which means more prospects are asking to learn about the company. Finally, there was a 63% lift in case study downloads, which means more prospects are visiting the site and learning about relevant service offerings.

Brindley Engineering website mockup in desktop monitor
Brindley website showcase

Agency of Record

We serve as the agency of record and develop a range of ongoing editorial and design functions, including email and social media campaigns, new product launch strategy and supporting content, case study development, PPT decks, one-page sales enablement documents, press releases, internal communications, geographic expansion support, ongoing website content, and more.

Brindley print trifold brochure
Brindley Engineering trifold brochure opened up
Brindley print brochure
Brindley service brochure one-pagers print
Brindley Engineering Bifold Careers brochure

From the Client

"They have lead us into a new way of thinking. Jodi and team have greatly enhanced our team’s entire approach to branding, messaging, and marketing."

Tom Brindley Headshot
Tom Brindley
Founder and CEO, Brindley Engineering