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Mastery is a comprehensive cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) built from the ground up to help large shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers manage complex transportation needs in an efficient, cohesive, and intelligent way.


Logistics, SaaS

Editorial, Creative Direction + Design

Jodi Navta and Luke Previs

  • Brand Narrative
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Photography
  • Website Design
  • Website Production
  • Digital Brand Assets
  • Design System

Mastery was developing a brand around a new SaaS product built by logistics experts called MasterMind. Their mission was to provide unprecedented visibility and control by embracing the complexity that is the reality of the supply chain world.

The founder’s proprietary technology systems have powered some of the largest logistics companies in North America for over four decades, and this was a foray into a cloud-based SaaS offering. Moving Brands built a brand foundation with a beautiful logomark, color palette, and typography. We used these elements to build a high-performing website, establish detailed brand guidelines, a social foundation, and a robust public relations plan for launching the product in the marketplace.

Brand Narrative

Mastery wanted to be more than a SaaS platform. Mastery wanted to recruit top talent who would become as invested in the future of the company as the founders. We needed to position Mastery as a place where you can be yourself, a place comprised of diverse thinkers and designers.

Mastery Value 1: Inclusive with Heart
Mastery Value 2: Master Your Craft
Mastery Value 3: Excellence & Innovation
Mastery Value 4: Strength & Artistry

Sample Messaging

The Heart of Mastery

Mastery noun 1. possession or display of great skill or technique.

At Mastery we encourage everyone to become an expert of their own craft. Together we are a culture of designers, engineers, artists, athletes, and academics. Through diverse thinking, highly crafted design, and supply chain expertise, we believe our purpose is to design a technology that people love using.

The Product – Something to love!

The World's First Lovable TMS.

If you are part of a complex company with high performance expectations then you know what it’s like. The daily struggle for clear visibility across all platforms. The cumbersome process of moving from system to system in pursuit of something better. The constant pressure to link it all together – and fast. Introducing Mastery, the first TMS that makes tasks more manageable while connecting complex parts of your supply chain in one place. Easy to use. Fast. Reliable. Finally a system to love.

Mastery Mission: Mastery is on a mission to empower select shippers, carriers, and logistics companies to thrive in complexity.
Mastery Messaging in use 2
Mastery print media design examples
Mastery values stamped in concrete

Visual Language

Mastery had a logo system in place, but needed an expanded visual aesthetic and brand language that matched their story and narrative. Working with the Mastery team, we developed an expanded color palette, a data visualization palette and style guide, photography art direction, an iconography library, and more.

Photography Art Direction

Our direction for the Mastery photography had to center around the baseline brand and the narrative we developed. We strove for a sense of realness, so a “behind-the-scenes” feel was our starting point. We aimed to show real moments and masters at work behind the technology. We landed on a maximally desaturated look, with natural lighting and high contrast. We developed four buckets of photography, using both stock and custom photos and textures to build a story and add depth to the aesthetic. Additionally, we developed a secondary stylized look that incorporates overlaying gradients and masking parts of an image.

Mastery photography art direction-People photo examples


Naturally lit and maximally desaturated. Behind the scenes feel. Showing the professionals behind the technology.

Real moments. Masters at work.

Mastery photography art direction-Texture examples


Textures of permanence.

These textures will outlast us. They are meant to be forever, to leave a mark and be part of the organic landscape.

These materials are pieces of art themselves.

Close framing suggests the detail that Mastery knows and builds into everything it creates. Real copper textures are used in full color, matching the same hue of copper as our color palette.

Mastery photography art direction-from above examples

From Above

Bird's-eye view is representative of what Mastery sees from above — all things that need to be connected.

Highways are the connecting points of the industry. 

Mastery is about the one point of connection that makes a complex world more simple and clear.

Mastery photography art direction-From below examples

From Below

A worm's-eye view alludes to the idea that Mastery is the connector. Mastery is behind the scenes architecting the complexities into something palatable.

Mastery knows the inner workings of the industry. The things you never see that connect and control everything.

Secondary Style

As a secondary look, a unique and recognizable imagery style was developed to add emphasis and clarity to the brand image. High contrast photography cut from the background to zone in on a single point. Gradient overlay adds a unique style to the brand collateral.

Mastery stylized photo style of an overpass
Mastery stylized photo style of employees working
Mastery stylized photo style of semi truck trailers
Mastery stylized photo style of semi truck
Mastery photography style shown in design examples
Gradient Palette

To reinforce the look of a metallic copper in brand materials, we formulated a gradient palette and style guide. We used the full range of the Mastery palette and developed a primary and secondary gradient set.

Mastery Primary gradients
Mastery gradient build guides
Data Visualization

How Mastery expresses information and data is essential to their ability to share insights and inspire action. We embedded the ideas of contrast and clarity into a new house style for both data visualization and infographic design. A shade palette was  developed to allow the range and clarity needed for functional data visualization.

Mastery data palette
Mastery data visualization design


Using the same dot and line system that the logo is constructed with, we built a custom icon style for Mastery to use in branded materials. We built a base icon library for them to use as a starting point, as well as a guide for future use cases.

Mastery icon design-black
Mastery icon design-white
Mastery icon design-color-dark
Mastery icon design-color-white
Mastery Stationary showcase
Mastery business card mockup
Mastery presentation on iPhone screens
Mastery brochure spread mockup
Mastery brochure print mockup


We worked with Mastery to design and build a digital presence for their brand. We started with bespoke research into the industry to understand how to differentiate. We developed the architecture and messaging to build excitement around their industry-changing product, Mastermind. A fully scaleable design system and component-based Wordpress site was developed to fit their needs around recruiting and product marketing.

Mastery website product page on a laptop screen
Mastery website page designs
Mastery website homepage showcased on a laptop screen
Mastery website on a mobile phone
Mastery website desktop and mobile screens