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MatchPoint Studios


Matchpoint provides concept development and content creation of video content used in the areas of marketing, advertising, branding, sales, training, and more.


Video Production Studio

Editorial, Creative Direction + Design

Jodi Navta and Luke Previs

  • Naming
  • Research + Insights
  • Comparator Audit
  • Logo + Identity Design
  • Design System
  • Brand Narrative, Identity + Voice

E3M had been in business for 15 years.

Then COVID hit.

‘In the moment’ storytelling became more important than ever and the need for E3M’s customers to differentiate by telling compelling, authentic, emotional narratives about who they are and what they stand for became more important than ever before. Budget became more important than ever too.

Their customers were looking for three things:

  • A flexible production partner
  • Someone they can trust
  • Someone to get the job done no matter how complicated or chaotic the environment may be

E3M needed a new name, visual identity, and brand narrative.

E3M logo to Matchpoint logo evolution


We needed to find the right balance in messaging to position E3M as the one who can be trusted to check these boxes: cost effective and flexible — professional yet approachable. There is an implicit expectation that studios need to deliver above and beyond expectations in order to stay competitive.

E3M needed a new name, one that was memorable and reflected the true history of the business.

E3M became MatchPoint Studios.

Jodi and Luke of Varsity Time working with Tyler Mose of Matchpoint on brand development
Matchpoint discovery presentation slides
Jodi and Luke of Varsity Time talking with Tyler Mose of Matchpoint

Logo + Visual Identity

We learned about the kind of clients MatchPoint wanted to attract and the brand personality they wanted to portray. They needed a flexible logo system that could work in various sizes and contexts. We created a simple mark based on camera frame lines and included a hidden M in the negative space. This gave MatchPoint a memorable and versatile logo for the brand.

Matchpoint symbol inspiration from a camera framing device
Machpoint symbol-gold
Matchpoint Symbol design-hideen letter M
Luke of Varsity Time presenting Matchpoint logo designs
Matchpoint logo lockups-white
Matchpoint logo lockups-dark
Matchpoint Studios Logo lockup-white
Matchpoint Studios lockup-Black
Matchpoint Studios vertical logo lockup-White
Matchpoint Studios vertical logo lockup-Black
Jodi of Varsity Time presenting Matchpoint brand work
Jodi and Luke of Varsity Time presenting Matchpoint logos

Color Palette + Typography

MatchPoint wanted to feel premium but approachable. To achieve this, a bright gold leads the  brand palette, supported by a deep teal color. Together, these colors give off a sense of quality. And with the CEO and founder being a Purdue grad, this gives him a nice nod to his roots in the face of his brand.

The font choice was based on these same brand attributes: premium and approachable. Termina is a wide sans serif from Fort Foundry. The wide proportions give it a modern but premium feel. The wide proportions, along with a large x-height, allow it to be set at small sizes and still remain legible.

Matchpoint brand typography guide
Matchpoint typography showcase
Matchpoint brand guidelines
Matchpoint print proposal mockup
Matchpoint business card design and mockup
Matchpoint brand style sheet
Matchpoint van mockup
Matchpoint train station advertisement example

Brand Narrative

The MatchPoint narrative needed to have meaning and significance. We tied the brand story to the founder's experience as an elite athlete and described how that experience shaped his professional life.

Matchpoint brand narrative messaging

Working with Matchpoint

We like to keep it simple. We bring the right people to the right place and the right time to tell your story. We concept, capture, and craft complicated stories that achieve your goal without being fussy, hard to understand, or disconnected. We know how to get shit done. It’s time for a modern approach to living life and documenting your legacy.

The MatchPoint Advantage

The MatchPoint Difference is clear — we take our creativity a step further. We will engage in dialog versus following a plan. We understand that life deals unexpected obstacles that require extra attention, a fresh sense of perspective, and a new way of approaching a path to achieve the goal.

We live by three simple mottos:

From the Client

"When I came to Varsity Time for help, we had the energy, product, and high-performing execution that our customers wanted, but our brand didn't show it. The VT team made the process easy and fast, and we couldn't be happier with our results. Trust this team with your brand, they know what they are doing!"

Tyler Mose headshot
Tyler Mose
MatchPoint CEO and Founder