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Rapido connects hyper-growth logistics and supply chain organizations with the best talent in Mexico to scale efficiently, operate effectively, and provide superior customer service.


Logistics Staffing


Jodi Navta, Erin Peddle, and Luke Previs

  • Brand Narrative and Core Messaging
  • Research + Insights
  • Logo + Identity Design
  • Typography + Color
  • Photography Creative Direction
  • Social Media Kit
  • Website Strategy, Design, and Build

Rapido defies the stereotypical ‘call center/bpo’ mindset by instilling a feeling of belonging, connectedness and inclusion in everyday life and operational processes. From being approachable and connected to the frontline, to offering mental health and physical wellness programs for employees.

Rapido was growing fast, and building a reputation as the go-to option for fast, efficient, and scalable logistics staffing. Varsity Time was brought in to help encapsulate and visualize the essence of this brand.

The Rapido and Varsity Time teams closely collaborated to build a new brand narrative, identity system, and digital presence that truly represents the authentic personality of the people behind the business and stands out in the market in a way that speaks to the companies that they want to build with. Go Rapido!

Old and new Rapido logo evolution

Logo Evolution

Just as the name implies, Rapido exploded into the market and grew with the help of the two co-founders. Varsity Time worked closely with the Rapido team to collaborate on what their existing brand brought to the table for them and established where they wanted it to go next. The R and arrow, specifically, are a piece of the logo that stakeholders loved and wanted to keep through this evolution, as well as the vibrant blue which was now a deeply rooted piece of the brand.

Our job was to take all of the good, and build a mark that harnessed the values of the existing brand, while creating a more usable mark that can grow with Rapido as they continue to scale.

After a few rounds of iterations, we landed on a crisp, clean, and contemporary take on the existing wordmark. This evolution was able to keep the Arrow R, but by using a customized thicker serif font, we were able to make a more usable and approachable mark for the brand.

The slight italic angle of the letterforms, along with the geometric letterforms, creates a very natural and legible wordmark that scales very naturally for all use cases. The new Rapido Arrow R works fantastic as a symbol on its own as well, giving the team a flexible brand system.

Rapido teal symbol
Rapido symbol in square shape
Rapido wordmark on teal

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

The Rapido brand needed to show the vibrant personality and authentic nature of the people behind it. Varsity Time ran discovery sessions with the stakeholders to understand this personality, what was missing in the current brand, and how we could evolve things while still retaining the strong elements.

The Varsity Time team developed a narrative and messaging around the idea that Rapido can help you scale efficiently and effectively, while also keeping a company on brand.

We incorporated a dynamic and interesting texture made of flowing arrow forms. This represents Rapido's speed, momentum, and ability to flex and flow with their clients no matter the need or request. The texture is a great graphic device that sets a tone, while also giving them an interesting differentiator in their visual language.

Go Rapido business cards
Rapido Business cards in hand
Rapido logo on sticker
Rapido office sign
Ready. Set. Go Rapido.
One Team. One Culture. One Choice.
Experience Matters
Home page hero of Rapido Website

Photography and Creative Direction

Varsity Time provided creative direction and post editing production for a suite of photography assets. Using the messaging and website strategy as a baseline for what photography we needed, we helped create a guideline reference for the team to do a custom shoot.

Rapido's photography style is a vibrant showcase of their people. Celebrating real, professional, and relatable moments in their world.

We built a style that fits with the brand in color, tone, and emotion. With sharp contrasting tones and appealing personality.

The arrow texture can also be incorporated into photos as a background, or interacting with the environment. When all put together, the brand elements work as a seamless and memorable aesthetic for the team.

Photography guidelines
People portraits on arrow backgrounds
Rapido team members meeting and smiling
Male headshot on light blue arrow background
Female headshot on light blue arrow background
Team members fist bumping

Color Palette

Rapido chose a vibrant blue at the companies foundation. Together we agreed that we would keep this element of the brand, but expand on it to create a palette with contrast and personality.

We bumped up the saturation of the Rapido blue to create an even more vibrant color to lead the brand. This blue feels modern and demands attention in any use case.

A dark navy and bright teal were chosen as supporting colors for the brand. The Navy gives a calming balance to the other saturated colors, while the teal is a great use case for buttons and calls to action.

Website and Digital Marketing

Varsity Time lead the discovery, planning, and architecture of a new branded website. As well as the UX and design of the entire digital experience. We also provided project management, and guidance for the dev teams through the build. All assets, UI elements, iconography, photography, and page designs were built from the ground up, to provide a unique digital presence that fits the Rapido brand.

Varsity Time also built all assets needed for the anouncement and launch of the new brand and website. We built a social kit for all platforms, as well as a set of social post designs and concepts.

Rapido website home page hero
Rapido website on laptop
Rapido website on iphone
Website our process page, desktop and mobile
Rapido three website page designs
Rapido social media kit design
Social media post templates