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TaskUs is a leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to the world’s most innovative and disruptive technology companies, helping its clients represent, protect, and grow their brands.


Global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Editorial, Creative Direction + Design

Jodi Navta, Jihad Lahham, Luke Previs

  • Rebrand
  • Research + Insights
  • Client Interviews
  • Comparator Audit
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Logo
  • Design System
  • Brand Narrative, Identity + Voice
  • Website
  • New Brand Launch Plan/Activation
  • TV Commercial + Video
  • Roadshow Video
  • Investor Relations Website Design
  • Analyst Day Presentation
  • Nasdaq Launch Day Asset Creation

TaskUs was at a pivotal moment in 2021. They had enjoyed high growth for 12 years and were preparing for an IPO. The company was moving towards more innovative services and was experiencing unprecedented growth. They had difficulty articulating their key differentiators (their people and their innovative services) to the market. They needed a new approach to talking about the broader set of services they had developed while uniquely tailoring their messaging and brand architecture to the wide set of commercial markets where they were looking to expand. TaskUs needed to present a fresh and modern brand to the market and investors.

The overall strategy was to refresh the brand to reflect who TaskUs was today and build a brand architecture that allowed the business to continue to scale in a way that employees and clients could easily understand and digest.

Partner Wise. Do Good.
TaskUs taglines

Logo + Brand Architecture

TaskUs needed to present a fresh and modern brand to the market and investors. They were going to have a large new set of constituents and investors looking at the company who likely knew little to nothing about the company. The older brand reflected a call center business (see the chat bubble) which they had outgrown. They needed to position their service lines and industry knowledge for greater market impact and increased awareness. There was a need for additional brand structure and refined messaging to fuel the growth and development of TaskUs for years to come. In order to support the addition of new products and new markets, TaskUs needed a new visual identity, a refined and relevant brand strategy, brand architecture, an updated messaging platform program, and a website redesign to position TaskUs as a true leader.

TaskUs logo before and after
TaskUs Symbol full color
TaskUs Icon Build
TaskUs full color logo-black
TaskUs full color logo-white

Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

Culture makes or breaks partnerships in the BPO space, and TaskUs clients felt truly connected to the TaskUs founders and company culture. There was a concern that TaskUs’ scale could compromise the very fabric of what makes TaskUs TaskUs. At the same time, they needed TaskUs to scale in order to support clients on their own growth journey. To reach those more mature prospects and help them grow, scale was essential. Whatever decisions were contemplated, from brand to business development, everyone involved had to consider how it could affect culture and how culture could affect TaskUs clients.

The job was to position TaskUs as the high-growth innovator of choice, capable of supporting the most disruptive brands in the world — at any size — AND being the employer of choice without sacrificing culture. The overall strategy was to refresh the brand to reflect who TaskUs was today and build a brand architecture that allowed the business to continue to scale in a way that employees and clients could easily understand and digest.

In partnership with Varsity Time, TaskUs had to revamp every part of how they thought about their brand. Based upon the research conducted, we identified the gaps and created a message map to help position TaskUs in a way that aligns with client expectations and employee desires.

TaskUs messaging in grid design
TaskUs front desk
TaskUs billboard design
TaskUs brand guidelines


A big piece of the brand language that reinforces the culture of TaskUs is photography. Our language leads with color and human-centered photography direction that showcases not only the TaskUs personality but the individuals that make the company special. Varsity Time provided art direction around the style, framing, color sweeps, lighting, and expressive nature of the portraits as well as a set of guidelines for still photography and situational scenes. Together, this language is truly expressive and differentiating.

TaskUs Still Photography Art Direction
TaskUs Still photography art direction of mobile phone
TaskUs photography art direction

Color Palette + Typography

A bold and diverse color palette was developed to pull TaskUs from the BPO market standard using shades of blue. A saturated pink and yellow are bright and refreshing next to the competition.

The TaskUs color palette consists of two sections: primary and secondary. The secondary palette coordinates with the primary palette to create a dynamic color language with range and balance.

Primary Color Palette
TaskUs primary color palette
Secondary Color Palette
TaskUs Supplementary color palette
TaskUs Typography

The Grid System

The logo and color palette inspired the development of a highly energetic and powerful TaskUs grid system. The grid system provided the basis for a design system that conveyed TaskUs’ unique culture and energy as well as a more tech-savvy image at the forefront of the brand without sacrificing culture. The grid system can be applied to almost any brand scenario, creating a recognizable brand across every platform, service line, and new product.

TaskUs grid build step 1

Based on a flexible four-point grid, the system can be any size or number of units to fit a design vision. Starting with simple base shapes of 4x4, 4x8, and 8x8.

TaskUs grid build step 2

To make this grid truly ownable, a mathematical system of rounded corners and a set of rules designate a beautiful set of shapes that can be used as frames and patterns.

TaskUs grid build step 3

The grid can build up block by block to fit any use case and scale up or down as needed. The unique color variety and shape lockups create a memorable design system for all brand cases.

TaskUs social banner example
TaskUs print brochure design
TaskUs bus stop banner advertisement
TaskUs grid used in wall mural

Iconography + Infographics

A bespoke iconography style and library was developed for use in TaskUs brand material. The iconography showcases the brand palette while combining broken lines and round corners.

To support the highly complex use of data visualization in the TaskUs brand, Varsity Time also provided a style guide around information design. This style guide pursues balance, sophistication, and clarity, and it adds a sense of style through use of the main color palette and specific shape and line characteristics.

TaskUs Icons Art Direction
TaskUs infographics
TaskUs more infographic examples


Varsity Time lead the discovery, planning, and architecture of a new branded website as well as the UX and design of the entire digital experience. We also provided project management and guidance for the dev teams throughout the build. All assets, UI elements, iconography, photography, and page designs were built from the ground up to provide a digital presence that fits the TaskUs brand.

TaskUs website showcased in laptop on desk
TaskUs Website page layouts
TaskUs blog shown on laptop
TaskUs Mobile Website
TaskUs Desktop and Mobile Website page

From the Client

"The new imagery and branding helped TaskUs communicate our culture and value proposition resulting in an increased win rate on opportunities proposed in 2021.  Internally, TaskUs saw an amazing reaction from our global workforce to the vibrancy and passion in the new brand."

Jarrod Johnson headshot
Jarrod Johnson
Chief Commercial Officer, TaskUs


The most important result was helping to tell the TaskUs story and articulate the company vision during the “testing the waters” and “roadshow” portions of the IPO process in the first half of 2021. TaskUs had a successful IPO at a valuation of $2.3B at opening and closed at over $3B on the first day of trading.

TaskUs also saw significant increases in traffic to their website (>50%) through the IPO process. They generated 40% more inbound leads during the first six months of 2021 compared to 2020 and nearly doubled their conversion rate of site visitors to inbound converted leads.

Internally, TaskUs saw an amazing reaction from their global workforce to the vibrancy and passion in the new brand. This is reflected in a Glassdoor score of 4.6 and an employee Net Promoter score of 68 in 2021.